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Featured Projects

Static website for Quic. Built this website as a part of team Quic at Buffalo Startup Weekend 2018 where the team stood 2nd among the participants from all over Buffalo, New york.
A web application developed for retrieving user data based on quesries fed by user. Uses REST APIs to interact with the database to render the details of the requested object.
An android sports app which not only shows live scores and player stats but also has a feature to compare two players based on their stats.

c++ sql

My Publications

Software Architecture
for Sugarcane
Management Plant

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Abstract : The paper proposes a Software Architecture Model for Sugarcane Life Cycle Management, thus automating agriculture Operations, such as tracking Cane Inventory, monitoring field activities, and tracking On Field Investments. The paper also has proposed various models-such as Land selection, Cane seed distribution, supply management, pre and post-harvest management, farmer payment management, contractor management and general documentations.

Key Terms : Agriculture, Automatic generation control, Design automation, Sugar industry

Area of Research : Sugarcane life management



About Me

As a rising software developer, I’m excited to use my problem solving skills in technology industry. I have coding experience in programming languages like Java, C++, C, HTML, JavaScript and CSS along with some frameworks like Angular (HTML, Typescript, C#) and .Net Framework. I love to develop Android apps as well. In my sophomore year, I wrote a research paper on Automation of Sugarcane Processing Plant, which was published in MIBSRC 2017. Besides my interest in coding, I am an avid soccer fan and love to follow all kinds of sports. I interned at Centene Corporation, a Fortune 100 Health Care Company where I redesigned a .NET Web App. I’m open to full-time opportunities starting February 2019.